Our concept is a steakhouse restaurant which offers various types of meat with the butchery facility inside. We categorize our meat based on country of origin (USA, Japan, Australia and New Zealand), the cuts (Striploin, Tenderloin, Rib Eye, Porter House and T-Bone) and by the grade/marbling differences (2-12).

Meat Me Steakhouse and Butchery was first launched on April 18th, 2013 at Lippo Mall Kemang Village. Currently we already have 4 branches in different locations, which are Meat Me Steakhouse & Butchery at Lippo Mall Kemang Village, Mall Kota Kasablanka, MaxxBox Lippo Village (Karawaci), Meat Me Butchery at Wolter Monginsidi, Meat Me Café & Butchery at Bandengan, and we are expanding more!

Our mission is to educate people, especially steak-lovers to understand the quality of the meat and the taste of real steak.


Fresh Meat is our prior commitment. We always serve fresh meat for our value customer. All meats are imported through the air and over the sea; this is too guarantee the quality of the meat.

Moreover, we have our own production house to produce premium homemade fresh sausages and cooked sausages. It is our signature creation which presents 40 different kinds of flavor with different meats, such as beef, veal, lamb, wagyu, chicken and turkey. Our homemade sausages are processed using the best quality of meat and spices, without any flour and preservatives added. It is 100% meat.
"We only sell Premium Meats with Best Price and Quality Guaranteed!"
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