Meat me

Meat Me Steakhouse and Butchery

Our concept is a steak restaurant which offer the various type of meat with the butchery facility inside. We categorize our meat based on country of origin (USA, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand) and their cutting such as Striploin, Tenderloin, Rib Eye, Porter House and T-Bone, and also by grade /marbling differences (2-12).

Meat Me Steakhouse and Butchery was launched in April 18th, 2013. Until now we already have 4 branches in different locations(Lippo Mall Kemang, The Breeze BSD city, Menteng Square Apartment, Mall Kota Kasablanka) and we still try to expand more.

"Fresh Meat" is our prior commitment. We always serve the fresh meat for our precious customer. ďAll Meats Sent Through Flight" is one of our way to import the best meat from the best meat producers over the world, so we can guarantee the quality of the meat.

Other than that, we also have our own production house to produce our imported meat become our special products, such as Home Made -Dry Aged Beef and Home Made Sausages.

Dry Aged Beef is one of our best product . We process the meat in special technique and machine to keep the right temperature and humidity for 28 days, so it will be present the best tender of the meat.

Home Made Sausages are our special creation which present 40 different kind of flavours (Beef, Wagyu, Lamb, Veal, Chicken, and Salmon) and consist of cooked sausage and fresh sausage. Our sausage was processed using the best quality of meat and spices, without any flour and preservative ingredients.

Our mission is " to educate people, especially 'steak lover' to understand the quality of meat and taste the real of steak"

" We Only Sell Best Quality and Premium Meats, Best Quality & Price Guaranteed!

Meat me